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The Frank Gambale Guitar School

The Frank Gambale Guitar School is the deepest and most comprehensive guitar curriculum on the Web.

There are four distinct courses: Spicing Up The Blues, The Definitive Sweep Picking Course, Target Tones, and the all-new Peace and Harmony course.

All courses are in full HD with studio sound and they can be watched on most electronic devices. Courses come with audio tracks and PDF booklets.

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Concert With Class
$29.95 Multi-regional DVD

In this exciting undertaking, the legendary FG brings you up to speed on his never-ending musical quest. With a host of new material, and fellow musicians Steve Smith ( drums ), Ric Fierabracci ( bass ) and Steve Tavaglione ( sax ) Gambale continues to push the boundaries of music to the edge and beyond through his extraordinary playing and songwriting skills.

This great video / DVD includes an amzing live concert performance followed by an exclusive instructional segment with the legend himself, breaking down several songs featured in the live show. Never before has the music of Frank Gambale been presented in such a user-friendly format by offering instruction and applications on one great video.

Running time: 168 minutes. (90 min. Live concert plus 60 min. one-on-one lesson plus free TAB booklet with 6 songs included.)

Monster Licks and Speed Picking
$19.99 Multi-regional DVD

In this video, Gambale reveals ( in slow motion - at least at first!! ) his claim to fame, awesome technique called Sweep Picking. He shows how to use the technique for scales, pentaonics, triads, arpeggios.

It all culminates in the Lick That Slurped L.A. which is a single lick/ exercise which shows how to cover the whole fretboard without stopping. It's a must have video for all serious guitarists. There's a live performance of the song Spike's Song also which is well worth the price of the tape. Comes with booklet with all the examples written in music and tablature.

Modes No More Mystery
$19.99 Multi-regional DVD

The understanding of Modes and their application has eluded even well-seasoned guitar players. Gambale has made a video that finally clears up the mystery of Modes.

As Gambale says "Knowing how to use Modes is as important as learning how to drive a car, they are everything, every song every in almost every styles of music". All the Modes of the Major are explained. Also explained clearly is how to make modal chord progressions. Where else will you find that information. With this video and some study, you will understand Modes once and for all.

Chopbuilder - The Ultimate Guitar Workout
$15.99 Multi-regional DVD

This is like a Jane Fonda workout video for guitarists. The idea of this DVD is to put it in the machine, and play along for over an hour without stopping.

It is a continuous workout with a warm-up, a workout and a cool-down. It pushes you through picking exercises ( alternate, sweeping and string-skipping ), and all the Modes of Major, Melodic Minor and Harmonic Minor, String-Skipping Pentatonics, mixing triplets and 16th notes, Arpeggios, Hammer-ons and Pull-Offs, and more. This video, three times a week will definitely keep your chops building. Comes with a 75 page booklet with every exercise written in music and tablature.

Frank Gambale Acoustic Improvisation
$29.95 Multi-regional DVD

Frank Gambale Acoustic Improvisation DVD is the latest in a long line of high quality instructional / concert product from Mr. G. The DVD features the Natural High Trio with Otmaro Ruiz on piano and Alain Caron on bass alongside Mr. G on acoustic guitar.

There is about an hour of concert footage followed by roughly 45 minutes of instructional info on melodic single note line development over excerpt changes to All The Things You Are. It also includes pdf files of all the music performed by the trio. A MUST HAVE for any Gambale fan at the remarkable price of only $29.95.

Speed Picking
(BOOK/CD) - $19.99

In this book Gambale explains the concept of Sweep Picking. The best place to get this info is from the man who created the style. This book contains many musical examples and licks and compositions which will help you improve your picking. As Gambale says " I've never met a guitar player who doesn't have a problem with their picking".

Sweep Picking builds maximum picking efficiency. It shows you how to sweep and not waste any motion in the picking hand. "Playing fast is easy with Sweeping..........when you get it! So what are you waiting for??". Just listening to Gambale play proves that this technique works. Until Gambale came along, everybody thought the technique was not practical or impossible. Just goes to show you how wrong people can be.

Frank Gambale Technique Book Part I
(BOOK/CD)- $27.99

This and part II may be all the music theory you'll ever need to know in a concise, logical and musical order. Gambale breaks music down into 6 basic chord types, minor7, major7, unaltered dominant7, altered dominant7, minor7b5 and diminished. These chord families make up about 95% of music.

Over each of these basic chord families, Gambale explores the best scales choice, minor pentatonic and blues scales choices, best arpeggio and triads. Finally intervallic possibilities are discussed. Doing it this way is extremely thorough each time breaking down the scale into smaller fragments ( scale 7 or 8 notes, blues 6 notes, pentatonics 5 notes, arpeggios 4 notes, triads 3 notes and intervals 2 notes. This book and the second half Technique Book Part II should be in every guitarists library. Massively informative.

Frank Gambale Technique Book Part II
(BOOK/CD)- $27.99

Continuation of part I.

Improvisation Made Easier
(BOOK/2 CDs) - $29.95

This is Gambale's latest book / audio work. It's an extremely clear improvisation course which addresses all the important modal sounds as theoretical explanation of the mode, scale positions, chord voicings associated with the mode, and then licks and a composition incorporating the mode.

It is very thorough and well thought out. The modes covered are Mixolydian, Lydian, Dorian, Ionian, Locrian, Phrygian and Aeolian ( all Major scale modes ), Lydian b7, Super Locrian, Aeolian b5 ( modes of Melodic Minor ), Phrygian Major ( mode of Harmonic Minor ), and Half-Whole Diminished scale. This book will keep you challenged and progressing. It comes with 2 CDs with all examples played slowly first, and then up to tempo.

Best Of Frank Gambale


The downloads are divided into tracks from various albums. The songs are; Passages, Free Spirit, Another Alternative,6.8 Shaker and Little Charmer ( Passages ). Credit Reference Blues ( LIVE ). Magritte, Gaudi and My Little Viper ( Thinking Out Loud ) Blues For Hollywood and Spending Sunday With You ( Brave New Guitar ). All downloadable pdfs are in music and tablature. All the melodies and solos, note for note. **PERMANENTLY OUT OF PRINT**
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