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Frank Gambale worked very closely with DV Mark to develop an all-in-one amp that compliments Frank's remarkable sound and unique technique.

The incredible tones of Frank's signature amp called Ampli-tude are now added to the virtual amps, incredible effects, features and programmability of the Multiamp. Plus, there are 20 finely crafted presets by Frank built in also. The result is the special edition MULTIAMP FG.

It is a great feat of technology, and a very user-friendly creative tool. Thanks to Multiamp FG's cabinet and microphone emulation plus amp simulator and effects, Multiamp FG offers incredible flexibility. Multiamp FG is very easy to use, and you can store all your favorite presets for stage and/or studio. Like it's standard Multiamp cousin, the MULTIAMP FG has a powerful 150 + 150W @ 8 ohms , 250 + 250W @ 4 ohms and 500W at 8 ohms ( in bridge mode ) power amp which makes its amps and effects sound great at any volume!

MULTIAMP's state-of-the-art design allows for continual expansion...our team will continue to work hard to periodically release new firmware updates, new items, and more and more useful and exciting tones and effects.

“MULTIAMP FG's tones are magnificent.
The tonal variations are endless.
I love it and I can easily store my presets to an SD card
and I'm ready to go play anywhere!."
- Frank Gambale


• INPUT - 1 jack mono
• OUTPUTS - 2 jacks mono (left/mono, right) / 2 XLR male (left/mono, right)
• CHANNELS - 3 (three ). clean - crunch - Lead
• CONTROLS - gain - presence - level - master
• EQ CONTROLS - bass - mid - high
• POWER AMP - (solid state): 150+150W @ 8ohms / 250+250W @ 4ohms / 500W @ 8 ohms (in bridge mode)
• MIDI CONNECTIONS - in - through
virtual amps
• speaker cabs and microphone simulation
• multi-effects
• external memory - SD card (SD card FAT 32 format max 8Gb)
• DIMENSIONS - 2U standard rack - depth 12.76" (324 mm)
• WEIGHT - 9.48 lbs (4.3 kg)


Frank Gambale worked very closely with DV Mark to develop the new FGC-121 Combo. As Frank describes it "It's a little screamer!!". Years of tweaking went into the analog amp design and tone for the Ampli-tude which now resides inside this wonderful new combo, the DV Mark FGC-121. "I can't believe the volume and clarity that comes out of this extremely lightweight combo. It's crazy!...seemingly impossible."

The FGC-121 features a professional grade 120 watt DV Mark solid-state power amp, you get ultra-clean tone at any volume, and, incredibly warm tone without distortion. As for the crunch and distorted sounds, simply increase the gain on the lead channel and stand back! The DV Mark FGC-121 delivers huge classical tones, tons of dynamic range and an amazing sustain.

The PRE OUT/ AMP IN loops allows you to connect external effects pedals. The slant design of this combo projects the sound over a wider area than conventional flat-faced combos. The angled position of the speaker allows you to hear yourself better on stage. As for the aesthetics, the DV Mark FGC-121 has the beautiful yin-yang Black and White which is destinctive to the Frank Gambale signature combo and 2x12 cabinet and MultiampFG special edition.

Clearly a lot of passion and thought went into the design and manufacturing of this unique DV Mark FGC-121 combo both visually and sonically. As Frank says "Amps and guitars should definitely look as beautiful as they sound and neither should be compromised". Another cool feature of this combo is the Dual Voltage Switch 120V-240V ideal for travelling musicians, it allows for the combo to used in countries with different voltages without the need for converters, a BIG plus. MPT - Mark Proprietary Technology at DV Mark led by Marco De Virgiliis invested a lot of resources and research and development including the proprietary power amp technology to bring y ou this wonderful new DV Mark FGC-121 combo.

“The DV Mark FGC-121 combo is a delight for both the eyes and the ears.
It will knock your socks off! It's so light and packs so much punch you won't believe it!" 

- Frank Gambale

Get your DV Mark FGC-121 available now from Musicians Friend.


• Power Output: 120W @ 8 ohms
• Preamp: Solid-State
• Power Amp: MPT ( Mark Proprietary Technology
• Channels: 2 (two) Clean and Lead
• Controls: Gain-Low-Mid-High-Presence-Master for both channels
• Effects: Reverb
• Speaker Size: 1x12" DV Mark Custom / 8 ohms
• Speaker Power Handling: 150 watts
• Footswitch input for channel and reverb switching
• Effects Send and Return
• Dual Voltage Selector 120V / 240V
• Dimensions: width/Height/depth 18.78" x 19.29" x 11.93"
• Weight: 23.37 lbs (10.6 kg)


Frank Gambale worked very closely again with DV Mark to develop the new FG212V Cab. Frank says "My back thanks you neodymium, neo for short. Not only are you mighty but you also weigh so lightly!..". The new tech for these speakers is cutting-edge. Gone are big heavy magnets and big heavy speakers. No tone has been sacrificed in this FG212V cab with two DV Mark Neoclassic speakers. TheFG212V cab is a vertical, open-back, slant-top cab with great balance in throughout the frequency range and also delivers up to 300 Watts. The slant top of the FG212V Frank Gambale Signature cab allows you to maintain the low end you get by having the speaker on the floor, but also the stage clarity of the mids and highs by having one speaker aimed at ear level. The split-stack setup makes it a perfect match for the Multiamp FG stereo setup utilizing one speaker for each side of the stereo. Of course it works perfectly mono too.

It's incredibly lightweight at 24.91 lbs. and perfect for any size stage. The black & white is the very cool look which is unique to Gambale's Signature combo and cabinet. It is a beautiful looking cab that really delivers on all levels.

Clearly a lot of passion and thought went into the design and manufacturing of this unique FG212V cab both visually and sonically. Frank says "This is my favourite cab in the whole world. It sounds fantastic".

“The DV Mark FG212V cab is a delight for both the eyes and the ears.
It will knock your socks off too! Like the combo, it's so light and packs so much punch you won't believe it!"
  - Frank Gambale

Get your DV Mark Frank Gambale Signature FG212V speaker cab today!


• Power Handling: 300 Watts
• Speakers: 2x12" DV Neoclassic
• Split Stack Design
• Open Back
• Dimensions: width/Height/depth 16.85" x 30.04" x 13.19"
• Weight: 24.91 lbs (11.3 kg)

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Frank Gambale and DV Mark present the special edition Multiamp
FG Guitar Amplifier


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